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Join and earn gift cards by completing surveys and more!

The best survey website is (In my opinion anyway). What I really like about it most is that you can cash out after only earning $1.00. Many survey websites have a minimum amount you must reach to be able to cash out and it’s usually $20-$30 which can take awhile to achieve. Besides getting your Gift Card, (that’s the GC in the title) you can opt for direct deposit, PayPal or an E-Check. Here are some other reasons why I think this is the best survey website:

  1. The amount of surveys available to take on a daily basis is crazy. Once you sign up, hover your mouse pointer over EARN. From there, you can click on SURVEYS. A list of surveys will appear and they will also tell you how many points they are worth and approximately how long it will take to complete. You will not qualify for every survey. DO NOT get discouraged! Some days you will qualify for a bunch and some other days a few. This is only one tiny part of this website. If you hover the mouse pointer over EARN again, choose RECOMMENDED, which is the first choice. Then you will get a list of partner sites, the first being InstaGC. There are a ton of surveys in there too!
  2. You can cash-out DAILY if you want. Do you like being paid in gift card form? Do you do a lot of shopping on Amazon? Cash out every dollar as a gift card and load instantly into your Amazon account. Some other websites make you wait a certain amount of time before they give you your payout, and you have to wait for an email, and wait until you have reached the minimum…….. and you have to remember that all this happened… On InstaGC, once you cash out, you have your gift card number. Simple and fast.
  3. Some surveys turn into higher paying Studies. I once took a survey on teen drinking which turned into a 2 year study. I was chosen with my daughter to participate in watching a series of videos and then we had to have discussions about them. Then we took confidential online surveys every 6 months and both received $50 checks once they were completed. I have also been chosen to test products. When you take a survey and it asks if you would like to be contacted for further questions say YES! Not only do studies pay more, sometimes you get FREE STUFF to try!!!!
  4. There is a lot of ‘Quick’ Money. After you go to EARN and RECOMMENDED and choose InstaGC, there is a little options box on the left side. Scroll through and you will see Submits-Quick/Easy. Most of these just require submitting your email address or signing up/registering. Super easy! Watch videos, print coupons, search the web and earn $$ at the same time!
  5. Earn money for things you were already thinking about doing. Signing up for a Target Red Card, trying Hulu, donate to Save The Children, getting your credit report, buying a Groupon are just SOME of the things you can earn points for.
  6. A point is worth a penny. Some other websites try to confuse you with the points system. A point on InstaGC is worth a penny. So 100 points is $1.00. Easy.
  7. There are often HIGH-PAYING surveys on AdWall. When you hover your mouse over EARN and choose RECOMMENDED, you can choose AdWall. When you get to the AdWall page, the first options will often be higher paying surveys. Sometimes worth up to $8. These are usually much harder to qualify for. They are usually looking for a very specific group of people. I’ve qualified for some of these and sometimes these turn into studies as well. I took a survey about toilet paper for 400 points and then was chosen to test their product. I took another survey a week after receiving the product that took me a few minutes to complete.


  • Create an Email address just for survey websites. This way, you won’t be nervous about typing your email address all over the internet.
  • In the InstaGC section, there are surveys called LIVE SAMPLE I and LIVE SAMPLE II. You can complete these each once every 24 hours. If you don’t qualify, it will give you another survey to try and qualify for. You can earn $2.10 per day taking these 2 surveys. If you only did these 2 surveys every day you’d make over $60 per month.
  • Some completions require time to appear in your account. This is to prevent fraud. Some people try to purchase things to get points and then cancel really quick. Don’t try this. If it’s purchased based, you might have to wait until you’ve received the product. If it was for a trial of a service and the original ad said try for at least a week before cancelling, wait a week before cancelling. These points will show up as FROZEN until your task is completed. Most surveys, videos and quick submits credit in a few minutes to an hour. If they do not, you can send them a message and find out what’s happening.
  • Some surveys require a PC and some you can take on your smartphone. Some surveys it doesn’t matter which you are using. Most surveys are meant to be taken with a larger screen so you may get disqualified if you attempt from your phone.
  • Don’t just skip through questions without really reading. They will know and you will be disqualified. There are also lots of trick questions to see if you are paying attention. If you answer wrong, you will be disqualified.

This website is really a great way to earn some extra money. I have been using this website to earn money to buy my kids Christmas presents on Amazon every year for the past couple of years. It’s a little confusing and sort of overwhelming when you first start out. Just take your time and comment with any questions you have!


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