Rebate Apps

Achievemint app – get paid to be healthy!

The achievemint app takes info from your fitness tracking apps, gives you points and then you cash out the points for money!! YES this app pays you to get healthy!! Are you planning on getting in shape for the summer?? Get the app HERE and get 250 BONUS POINTS!!  It’s free! Even if you don’t plan on starting your new healthy lifestyle tomorrow, get the app, sign up, and then use it when you are ready. This app automatically syncs with apple health and other fitness apps, so you don’t have to do anything!! Once you earn 10,000 points, get your free gift card! That’s it! The reason for the low rating is because it takes a long time to earn the 10,000 points. Get the app, sync with Apple health and then forget about it. Who cares how long it takes!? You are gonna get a free gift card for doing something you already do!!

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