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Can you make money doing medical studies and clinical trials?

I personally do not recommend trying to make a living doing medical studies. This is really for individuals who could benefit from the treatment being offered. The compensation usually includes any medicine and appointments and also a payment for your time and cooperation. Your honesty is extremely important! I strongly recommend that you do not attempt to do a study or trial for something that doesn’t concern you. Not only will you be compensated, you may become a success story! Below are some links to some clinical trials and/or companies that conduct them. Please do your research before participating. This are not reviews. I am not personally recommending any of these trials. This is simply a list of resources to help you find a study or trial that best suits your needs.

  1. Covance Clinical Trials – Go to their Facebook page HERE to see what their current trials are.
  2. – Visit HERE to search studies
  3. Acurian Health – Arthritis study go HERE
  4. Pfizer find a trial – Go  HERE
  5. Mayo clinic trials – Go HERE
  6. Acurian Health – Find a trial HERE
  7. Eli Lilly – Find a trial HERE
  8. Clinical Connection – Find a trial HERE
  9. Get PAID to quit smoking – YALE New Haven CT – Go HERE
  10. Join InstaGC – HERE – Some health surveys often turn into trials if you qualify.

I don’t think its a good idea to try to do this as income. If there is a legitimate reason for you to participate, I say go for it! Quitting smoking is so hard, let someone PAY YOU to quit! Do you SUFFER from migraines??? GET PAID to get treatment. Search for trials for diseases or disorders that you suffer from. Don’t ever try to take medicine for something you do not suffer from. Not only could you hurt yourself, you will hurt the clinical trial. These trials are designed to find medicines and treatments that will help people, so complete honesty is needed! They will do blood tests to make sure you are indeed taking the medicine and there is tons of paperwork to fill out. Also you will need to be able to check in with someone several times a month to several times a week depending on the trial. Good luck and make good choices! 🙂

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