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40 FREE Things to do with your kids

  1. Play a board game. And yes, I know, board games are expensive. The best places to find board games are thrift stores, tag sales, & Craigslist. Thrift stores generally sell for $1-$5 and I’ve gotten board games at tag sales for as little as .25 cents. On Craigslist, check out the ‘FREE STUFF’ listings. Not only will you find board games, but you could finds all kinds of things from clothes to furniture.
  2. Go outside. Ride bikes, roller skate, go for a walk, go for a picnic, walk your dog, walk someone else’s dog, climb a tree, play at the park, play in the snow, make a scare crow, play in the leaves, catch fireflies, pick flowers…….
  3. Make homemade play dough – PLAY DOUGH RECIPE
  4. Make homemade Flarp – FLARP RECIPE 
  5. Color! Print coloring pages from the internet.
  6. Make new crayons out of broken ones. Use NON-STICK muffin tins. Have your kids separate broken crayon pieces by color or mix colors up to make rainbow crayons. Fill muffin tins as much as you want. Pop in oven 200-250 degrees until melted (about 15 min) and when they cool, they just pop out. Use muffin tins shaped like animals or shapes to make it more fun.
  7. Do Gravestone rubbings. You just need paper, crayons and a trip to the local cemetery.
  8. Read books. Go to the library and check books out for free. You could even check out a movie for free. While you are there, ask the librarian about free events that the library offers. You will be amazed at how many things there is to do there for free. Also, if you have a child under the age of 5, sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library HERE and get FREE BOOKS!!!
  9. Plant seeds. Plant a garden outside in the summer. In the winter, grow a mini garden on the windowsill. Kids love watering plants and checking them often to see if buds are sprouting!
  10. Go bowling. Check out the KIDS BOWL FOR FREE PROGRAM HERE
  11. Go to free town events. Most towns have free movies or concerts on the green. Go to your town’s website to see what events your town has available.
  12. Fly a kite. Learn how to make a kite by clicking HERE.
  13. Blow bubbles. This isn’t just a summer activity. Put your kids in the bathtub and let them blow bubbles in the bath. Learn how to make your own bubbles by clicking HERE.
  14. Make Origami. Use paper you already have at home. Learn some simple origami designs HERE
  15. Use sidewalk chalk. Make your own by following the recipe HERE or buy it at the dollar store. Your child will be entertained for hours. 🙂
  16. Visit a fire station. Give your local fire station a call. Some designate days and times for visits and some are more flexible. Kids often get to go inside a firetruck and get a fireman hat and sometimes other goodies, all for free. Plus, your kids get to learn about what a fireman does. Free and educational.
  17. Paint the fence. Ok, not literally paint. Give your toddler a pail of water and a paintbrush and let them “paint” the wooden fence or deck.
  18. Make popsicles. If you don’t have a popsicle mold, you can use those tiny Dixie cups with or without a popsicle stick. (you can get a bag of popsicle sticks at the Dollar Tree)
  19. Make bird feeders. Instructions available by clicking HERE – Peanut butter AND bird seed available at the Dollar Tree
  20. Volunteer. Help a soup kitchen, collect for the food bank, help at a farm etc…. Not only is it a FREE activity, you are teaching your children the importance of helping others.
  21. Take FREE classes. Home Depot and Lowes offer free workshops for kids. Michael’s arts and crafts offers kids classes for as little as $2. CHECK IT OUT HERE. I know that one is not free but it’s pretty close.
  22. Make Sharpie Marker Mugs. The Dollar Tree has plain white mugs. Check out this You Tube tutorial HERE. That is, if you trust your children with permanent markers.
  23. Make Bracelets. Embroidery floss is about .30 cents depending on where you purchase. Watch this tutorial on how to make some easy friendship bracelets HERE.
  24. Go fishing. This is only free if you already have a fishing pole and your fishing license (If one is needed in your state).
  25. Make a scrapbook. Give your child a book and photos and make a book of memories together. Caption photos and add drawings.
  26. Make Ice Cream In a Bag. Visit this link for instructions on how to make homemade ice cream in a Ziploc bag.
  27. Finger paint.  Check out this link to make homemade finger paints for your kids.
  28. Make T-Shirts. Use an old shirt or buy one at the dollar store or at a craft store. Give your kids, paints, paint brushes and stamps (Thick Foam stamps work best). Acrylic paints are cheap and usually don’t wash out. To be sure they don’t, iron shirt inside out after fully dry and that should ‘set’ the paint.
  29. Paint rocks. Find free rocks outside or at the beach. Paint them and they become cute decorations for outside and in the garden. Add a magnet to the back to make cute decorations for the fridge. Use a coat of Mod Podge to seal indoor rocks and some type of polyurethane to seal outdoor rocks (to protect from elements).
  30. Write to a Penpal. Find a penpal for your child to exchange letters with HERE. Your child will have the excitement of getting a letter in the mail, reading the letter and writing back. You will need to purchase stamps. :\
  31. Go geocatching or letterboxing. Two activities that involve following instructions, following a compass or GPS. They are very cool FREE treasure hunts and most of these activities are outdoors. You can check out letterboxing HERE and geocatching HERE.
  32. Create your own scavenger hunt. Get some ideas HERE.
  33. Play Tag or Hide and Go Seek. Kids STILL find these games fun, and they are free. 🙂
  34. Have a Play Date. Take turns with your friends hosting a play date. Have it at your home or pick one of these activities to do together.
  35. Make Puzzles. Draw pictures or print out photos from the internet. Cut them into pieces and then have fun trying to put them back together.
  36. Make a hammock. Follow this tutorial to make a hammock for your toddler with a sheet and a table.
  37. Watch a movie. Make tickets, have a popcorn station. Get creative. Get some ideas HERE.
  38. Play dress up. Every year AFTER halloween, I would let my kids pick out some of the CLEARANCE halloween costumes and accessories. Most dollar stores have dress up items in the toy section. Get some other ideas HERE.
  39. Do a science experiment. Check out websites like Science Bob or Science Kids for ideas.
  40. Look at the stars. You can even get a star gazing app. Starlight is a free app. Just point your phone towards the sky and the app will identify, stars, planets and constellations. It’s pretty cool.

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