Ways To Save Money

Couponing doesn’t have to be Extreme to be helpful

Did you ever watch the show and see people getting 100 containers of toothpaste or 70 bottles of soda?? I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t want to come to the grocery store with me and push one cart, let alone 5 or 6 carts. These ladies (and gents) shop as a full time job. They climb in dumpsters for coupons and draw maps of the grocery store. They know store managers by name. They also waste a lot of people’s time by being in line for hours. This is crazy to me.

On the other hand, I love free stuff. But if toothpaste is on sale and I can get it free with a coupon, I’ll get one or two. If someone gives me free coupons, maybe I’ll get some more. But I don’t like being in the store for a long time, and I hate to hold people up. Here are my Couponing tips to help you save money, get things for free and get money back.

  1. Get Ibotta – This is a rebate app. You can read about it HERE. Ibotta is amazing and I save so much money using it. I cash my savings out for Amazon gift cards and build the credit in my Amazon account.
  2. Get Receipt Hog – This app lets you earn ‘coins’ in exchange for taking pictures of your receipts. Exchange coins for cash, Amazon gift cards or magazine subscriptions. Read my review and sign up HERE.
  3. Get Checkout 51 – This app gives you money back after you purchase items and submit your receipt. Cash out after earning $20 and receive a check by mail. Read my review and sign up HERE.
  4. Get FLIPP – This app will help you organize your trip. Read store flyers, clip coupons and make a list. Read more and get the app HERE.
  5. Just say YES to FREE store loyalty cards – If a store offers a loyalty card that’s FREE and will save you money, TAKE IT! Most stores that have loyalty cards also have coupons and/or promotions that you NEED the card for.
  6. Get MobiSave – This is another rebate app. There is no minimum to cash out because you are paid through PayPal after each receipt is approved. Read more and get the app HERE.
  7. Get store apps – Most grocery stores have their own app with digital coupons. Check each individual stores coupon policy to see which ones can be combined with paper coupons and which cannot.
  8. Get Walmart Price Catcher – This is only helpful if you shop at Walmart. Scan your Walmart receipt and the Price catcher will check the prices at near by stores. If they find the items you bought on sale in a near by store, they will give to the difference in a Walmart gift card.
  9. Get Shopkick – Earn gift cards easily just by walking into stores, scanning items and making purchases. Read more and sign up HERE.
  10. Get SavingStar – Another rebate app. You load your store cards onto this app and SavingStar will get the info and load money into your account. Read more and get the app HERE.
  11. Get coupons – Yeah, the paper ones. 🙂  Get them from Coupons.com or earn money printing coupons by getting them through InstaGC.com. Buy the Sunday paper or ask your friends if they do. Go to a gas station and ask if you can have the leftover  Sunday paper inserts before they throw them out. Monday mornings, look in dumpsters at stores that sell the Sunday paper. When they have leftover papers, they usually cut the top page off for return credit and throw the rest of the paper out. If anyone gives you coupons, do the nice thing and give them something you get. Let’s say you get a bunch of coupons and you are going to get a lot of stuff dirt cheap or for free, bring some to the person who gave you the coupons. It’s a nice thing to do and you may just get more coupons this way. Also, consider using a 3 ring binder with clear sleeves to organize your coupons. Although this will embarrass your children, it will be more helpful to you when planning your shopping trip. Another good place to get coupons is eBay. It’s illegal to sell coupons but people are charging you for the time it took them to collect them and cut them. Some people charge WAY to much for their time and others charge $1-$2 for 10-20 coupons. If there is a really good one in the paper and you wish you had more, check eBay.

I hope these links and information help you start your Couponing stockpile! Couponing can Be overwhelming. So, start small and start slow and GOOD LUCK!

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