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Save a ton of money with Ibotta!

Ibotta is a rebate app for your smartphone that will give you cash back after you complete tasks or purchase featured items and submit receipts. When you first sign up and complete your first rebate, they will give you a $10 bonus. (Redeem your first rebate within two weeks to claim the bonus.) You will need $20 to cash out and you can choose PayPal, Venmo or choose from many different gift cards. It takes no time at all to reach the $20 minimum because many of the rebates are for $1.oo or more. Ibotta is easy and virtually hassle free. Most rebates credit quickly. Please check out my Ibotta TIPS to make the most of the app.

  • Once you sign up, connect to Facebook! You’ll be surprised how many of your friends are on Ibotta too. These friends become your ‘Teammates’ and you will help each other earn more money. Ibotta offers tons of bonuses. You work with your teammates to achieve goals (Example: redeem 10 rebates and a total of $15) and earn a bonus. Plus, if you can get any of your friends not already on Ibotta to sign up, you will get $5 and they will get $10. You will get your $10 bonus when you redeem your first rebate within 2 weeks of signing up.
  • There are TONS of stores to choose from on your app and some of the rebates will be different for different stores. Walmart has the most rebates by far. Click the store you will be going to, browse the items and select the ones you are interested in. Some items unlock just by clicking “unlock”, some you need to watch a short video (usually 10-15 seconds) or take a 1 question quiz.
  • When you are in the store and you are not sure if you are buying the correct item, take out your smart phone and scan the product with Ibotta. In the same screen as the product information,  there is an option to ‘check product barcode’. Once you click this, a scanner will appear and you simply scan the barcode of the item. It will either say ‘matched’ with a green check mark or it will say ‘does not match’ with an X. This will prevent you from buying the wrong product!
  • NEVER try to submit the same receipt twice or open a second Ibotta account. Only one member per household can have an Ibotta account. Failure to follow these rules will get your account deactivated permanently.
  • There are rebates for any brand items. Like cereal, milk, fruits and vegetables. If the Ibotta rebate says .50 back off any cereal, it literally means any cereal. Please look for size requirements before purchase. Some say any cereal and some may say any cereal 16oz or larger. If the rebate says .25 back from purchasing bananas, that is any banana brand. Also, it works on one banana if you like (and that would be free in most stores).Combine ‘any brand’ rebates across all 3 apps to save as much as possible. Example: MobiSave has this any brand rebate for .10 off pasta. Ibotta has an Any brand rebate for .25 off pasta. Buy the cheapest pasta and redeem both rebates. 🙂
  • Ibotta has many restaurant rebates as well, but most are for alcoholic drinks. Some of the restaurant rebates are just a cash back with a certain dollar amount purchase ($5 back with a $30 purchase) but most are for drinks.
  • Some stores have a rebate for a certain dollar amount purchase. Joann fabrics is often on Ibotta and the rebates are usually to get $5 back from a $25-$40 purchase. Famous Footwear often has one for $5.00 off of $50-$60.
  • You can use MANUFACTURER COUPONS with Ibotta!!!! There recently was an Ibotta rebate to save $3.50 off of the purchase of one 6lb bag of Supreme Source dog food AND a coupon on their website to save $4.50. The bags were $9.99 at Stop and Shop, so I got it for $2.00! That isn’t even the BEST part…….
  • The rebates REAPPEAR in your Ibotta gallery. Sometimes they come back just once, The dog food I mentioned above came back 5 times! If you are going to get the items multiple times, I would wait for them to appear back in your gallery. Everything needs to be on a separate receipt. So if I bought 3 bags of the dog food and used 3 coupons on one receipt, I would only be able to get one rebate back for that receipt.
  • Each rebate has an expiration date on it. Make sure you submit your receipt before that date! Submitting your receipt is easy! Choose the store, click verify purchases. Some items you may need to scan the barcodes. Then take a picture of the receipt. Hit send and Ibotta will send you notifications along the way.’We got your receipt’, ‘You’ll have your credit in 24 hours’ etc… Usually you’ll have your money in less than an hour.
  • Get money back for shopping at featured websites. It could be 5% to %20 depending on the offer. Some online shopping takes longer to credit to your account. Especially Groupon. They have to make sure that you are not just buying the Groupon to get the credit and then cancelling the Groupon to get your money back. Unfortunately, people try this and their accounts get deactivated. Do not try this.

I hope I have inspired you to get this app and save some money! If you have any questions, or feel I’ve left something out, please comment.

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