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SavingStar Rebate app Review

This app is easy to use but annoying to set up. For the most part, you are linking your customer loyalty cards to the app. After you purchase the required item and amount, savingstar will know without needing to upload a receipt. Other stores still require you to upload the receipt.

Some of the offers have a high purchase amount like:

You have to buy $12 to get $3 back. It’s nice if you were already going to spend $12 on cheese but most of us don’t do that.
It’s just nice to have this app as an extra resource to go to when planning your shopping trip. Get this app HERE. Minimum to cash out is $5 which is much lower than a lot of the other rebate apps. You can cash out as a direct deposit, through PayPal or for a gift card. Make sure you ACTIVATE OFFERS by clicking on them BEFORE purchase!! If you don’t, SavingStar will not give you the rebate. You MUST activate first.

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