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12 ways to get things for FREE!

Getting things for free can be extremely helpful to a family just getting by. As a single mother for over 17 years, I’ve had times when I was struggling to pay the bills or buy groceries. Here are some of the ways I get free things for my family.

  1. Craigslist – Please don’t be scared of Craigslist. They actually have an entire section dedicated to people giving things away for free. Furniture, baby formula, baby clothes, adult clothes, electronics, firewood…. so… much… free…. just go to and find the free stuff tab. My advice for picking up items??? Meet in a public place and/or bring someone with you. Most people who give away free stuff are super nice people who don’t want to see good things go to waste.
  2. Join Vipon – Formerly known as Amazon Review Trader. Vipon is an online community of product reviewers. Once you join HERE, you will be asked to link your Amazon reviewer profile, so make sure you have reviewed some items. Once you’ve done that, you can start requesting items. Select “Go Shopping” and choose away. Some things are free and some are a reduced cost. Refine your search to ‘free’. Get vitamins, pet items, coffee, beauty items etc… Once you receive the product, you can leave an HONEST review on Amazon. You no longer have to disclose that you received the item for free in your review. Also, now on Vipon, you don’t have to leave a review if you don’t want to. These new rules are supposed to help people be honest when writing their review. I know I read reviews before purchasing items and I would like them to be real. More honesty from you means more free stuff from Vipon.
  3. Smiley 360 – Smiley 360 is another online community of product reviewers. Join HERE. You get “missions” on your “dashboard”. Sometimes they send me the free products to try but most of the time they send coupons for free products. Once you have the products and you try them, you”review” them by posting on social media and hash tagging the posts. Make sure you’ve answered every question or little survey on your dashboard to qualify for missions. I don’t get as much free stuff this way but it’s better than nothing!
  4. Classified ads – There are almost always free item posts in the classified ads of newspapers. Free kittens, free firewood, free furniture…. Go online to your local paper and look at their classified ads often.
  5. Freecycle – This is an awesome website where you can get free things from people in the community. Things come and go FAST!! Join Freecycle HERE and check it often. You can also post ISO (In search of) ads but they want you to do so sparingly. This website is meant for posts GIVING AWAY free stuff, not just people who want it.
  6. Ask on your Facebook page – Make a post. How many friends on Facebook do you have?? It’s very likely that ONE has an extra thing and will give it to you.
  7. Join a tag sale group – Yes, I do realize that these people want money for their items. Just hear me out for a second. I was looking for a rocking chair last year so I went to my local FACEBOOK tag sale group and searched the group for “rocking chair” and I found a post that was 5 months old. I quickly messaged them to say “If you still need to get rid of that chair, I can pick it up right now for free.” Guess what?? She said sure because she was just about TO THROW IT OUT!
  8. FREE SAMPLES – Sign up for free samples. Target and Walmart also have free sample sections on their websites. I know free samples are small and some people feel like it’s not worth it. I used to run out of things and then remembered I had a FREE SAMPLE! Be careful searching the web for free samples. A lot of free sample websites are just phishing for your information. I recommend having a separate email address for your sweeps, free samples and surveys etc…. Don’t include your phone number and if you have to include one, get a free phone number HERE. I will be trying to make posts often with real links to non-spammy free samples. Like THIS ONE.
  9. Write Companies – Yes, you can write companies and get coupons. You don’t need a list of companies that will send you a coupon because almost any one will. The companies that are on “lists” are getting overwhelmed with letters and email requests. Pick companies that you really like and that you already use. Be honest when you write and tell them what you like or don’t like. When my kids were babies and I got even ONE defective diaper in the pack, I would write and tell them. In the past, I got FREE jumbo diaper coupons from Luvs, Huggies AND Pampers. Also, another time I had a problem with an ice cream bar I bought and wrote to the company and got A TON of free product coupons! P.S. Everyone does email now a days so if you send yours snail mail, you might get a different response!
  10. TAG SALES – Tag sales, yard sales, garage sales or estate sales. Whatever you call them, quite often there is a section or a box designated for FREE.  Also, now that I think of it, bring your kids WITH YOU to tag sales. My kids would pick up all kinds of stuff and I would say no and the people would say, “Oh they can just have it”.
  11. The dump – Do you have a transfer station in your town or “The dump” as many people call it? You can find some good stuff there. I know what you are thinking. “Gross! I’m not digging through garbage at the dump!” And you probably won’t have to. Usually these transfer stations have a section designated for things that could be reused (ie: kitchen table) and these things are not touching the gross garbage. Sometimes after people have their tag sales, they bring the rest to the dump. It doesn’t hurt to take a look.
  12. InstaGCInstaGC stands for instant gift card. Basically it’s a survey website but they have free trials and free samples. Free money for printing coupons, taking surveys, and signing up for things. It’s kind of confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making money and getting free stuff shipped to you! Plus, you can “cash out” after making only $1 if you’d like.  You can choose to get paid by check or PayPal or choose a gift card and get paid INSTANTLY! Read my ‘Tips’ and Join HERE.

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