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Get Shopkick and earn gift cards just for walking into stores!

I’ve had Shopkick for awhile now and it’s a great app. Before you go into a participating store,turn your Bluetooth on and just go onto the app. You are essentially earning points to exchange for gift cards. The points on shopkick are called “kicks”. When you walk into a store, a little blue circle will appear on your screen, say ‘Hi’ to you and then tell you how many kicks you earned. Then there are scannable kicks. Each store will have items that you can find and scan in the store to earn more kicks. It’s actually kind of fun and if you have kids, you can have them do it as a scavenger hunt.

You can also link your credit cards to this app and earn kicks on purchases based on dollar amounts or buy specific items and earn kicks (kickbates) by submitting your receipts. And you also earn kicks for linking your credit cards!

Minimum to cash out is 500 kicks which is a $2 gift card. Choose from many gift cards and prizes. Here are just some:

I use this app to earn gift cards to Starbucks to pay for my daughters expensive drinks and I also like to get gift cards to Target. Sign up HERE! There are a ton of “kicks” at the mall so you could have a fun time just walking around and getting them all.

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