Ways To Save Money

Join Groupon and try things at a huge discount!

Join Groupon and discover new restaurants, spas and more. Buy a Groupon (coupon) for a service or item at a huge discount!


And go HERE for Groupon Coupon codes to save even more!

Each Groupon has its own terms and conditions and its own expiration date. The amount you actually paid for the Groupon never expires. If you let your groupon expire, just contact the business and they will give you the actual amount paid toward an item or service. Whichever is in their “Fine Print” Read all the “Fine Print” before purchasing.

**Groupon is a great way to try out new businesses and to save money. Please remember if your Groupon is for a service or a restaurant that requires tipping, tip on the ACTUAL VALUE and not the value of the Groupon. If you are getting an $80 massage for $29, TIP on the $80. Groupon merchants typically make 50% of the price YOU paid. Tipping at restaurants AND spas should be 20% of actual value of items or service.

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