Ways To Save Money

It’s EASY to Save BIG with the Acorns Investing App!


After reading MANY reviews on investing apps, I decided to try Stash and Acorns. I tried each app for 6 Months and decided to go with Acorns. I’m not here to say anything badly about Stash because the app did help me to save money and it was fairly easy to close my account and withdraw my money. After giving both the apps a decent amount of time to show me what they could do, I felt that Acorns was easier to use and had more features that I liked.

First of all, let me tell you that I have a job where I’m paid as an independent contractor and I do not receive benefits of any kind. No health insurance, vacation, 401-k etc. I like Acorns because I can save my money LIKE a savings account but with the performance of a 401-k.

Let’s just say, I set both accounts up to save the same way and I ended up saving almost triple with Acorns. Both apps have similar features but, Acorns has “Invest the Change” which I really like. Each time you use your ‘linked’ debit card, Acorns “rounds up” to the next dollar and adds up the change. Every time you reach $5, the money comes out of your checking account automatically and deposited into your Acorns account. You will also set up your recurring investment whether its $5 a month, $5 a week or as much as you want. You can PAUSE investments at any time if you are low on funds and if you need to withdraw, it’s super easy. You just go to the “Withdraw” tab on the menu of the app and type in the amount you need. Now because your money is being invested, it does take 5-7 days to make a withdrawal. Acorns has to SELL your shares in stock that they purchased for you and that takes some time. I almost never even notice the tiny amounts of money that come out of my account and I’m a single income household! I’ve been able to save almost $500 since December 2017 and I feel like I’ve done practically nothing. Once I closed my Stash account, I changed the settings on my Acorns account to include that money.

FullSizeRender (8)

Another awesome feature Acorns has is called “Found Money”. If you do any shopping on your smart phone like I do, You can get a bunch of extra bonuses tucked away for you! Some are tiny amounts like 1% of your purchase and others give you $10 – $50 dollars depending on which offer you do and how much you spend. The offers are also subject to change, so check back often. Here are some of the offers available now:

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1).jpg

(There are SO many more offers! You can check it out in the app!)

Acorns also has a referral program. Invite 5 friends and you BOTH get $5, for a total of $25.

Acorns has a FEE of $1 per month which is pretty cheap compared to other investment apps out there. Invite ONE friend and that’s 5 months for FREEAcorns also lets STUDENTS have a FEE FREE account for 4 years! Students must have a valid .edu email address.

So as of July 2017, I’ve saved $484.96 and had a market GAIN of $14.90. I can guarantee you that If I was just putting money in a jar or a savings account, it would be WAY less than this right now. I’m saving up to move across the country by next summer (2018). I will update this post so you can actually see what I am saving and how it is going!

All in all I love this app! Try Acorns and if you don’t love it too, withdraw your money and delete the app. It’s worth trying for sure!

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*This review contains my actual experience and these are my true opinions. The links to the Acorns app does contain an affiliate link. Whether you click on this link or just search for it in the app store or Google play, I personally use this app and recommend.

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