Page Rules (Please Read)

Hello, first of all thank you for liking my page. I am a huge fan of entering sweepstakes and also of finding new ways to save money. A few years ago, I started a Facebook group Free Stuff, Sweepstakes, Instant Win Games, Couponing, Saving Money & More. I started it so I could keep all of the sweepstakes I want to enter neatly organized and easy to find. I also did it to share with friends and family. Over time, many other people have requested to join my group. Now my group is being changed to a like page. This way, the posts can be shared and friends can be tagged (as requested). It will also be much easier for me to commit to one place to post the offers I find. (Since I have a family and work full time) So here are some friendly rules of my page to help everyone enjoy the sweepstakes and posts.

These rules apply to my Website and Facebook Page:

  • If you are having trouble with a link that was posted all I can do on my end is check and see if it’s working for me. Once I do that and I see that it’s working, it’s up to you to do the trouble shooting on your own. Switch browsers, clear the cookies and browser history, use a different device, or try private browsing. Chrome has a private browser called ‘incognito mode’ If you don’t know how to use it, google ‘incognito mode’ and instructions will appear.
  • Please don’t post negative comments about how you don’t ever win. No one wants to hear that negativity. Any negative comments will be deleted, and the person will be removed from the group or blocked from the page if it is excessive.
  • Please know that this is not my job. I have a job and I have a family so if you ask a question and it takes me awhile to respond, it’s because I am not on Facebook. It’s not my job to make sure you can enter the sweepstakes. I’m just posting them in an organized way free from excessive ad’s and garbage so you can actually FIND sweeps to enter. And understand what rebate apps are… etc…..
  • You may post a sweepstakes or offer in the visitors post section. I strongly advise that you wait until I check it out before you click on any links.
  • Please take note : If I post a sweepstakes, a freebie or deal, I have nothing to do with who wins or how you claim a prize. I am simply just posting so you can take part. If you think you may have won a prize, or would like to inquire about not receiving a freebie, please contact THE COMPANY OR WEBSITE that is promoting the offer or game. Not me. I can’t help you claim your prize. Sorry.
  • The last rule is that I can change the Rules of my Facebook page My Big Fat Thrifty Life or my blog My Big Fat Thrifty Life  at any time.